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June 15, 2017
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Quick Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Home

The entry of a newborn baby means a lot to parents and fills the home with a whole new light. An average parent spends a lot of money in the nursery of their child, from bedding to the color of walls parents want to choose nothing less than perfect.Normally, the baby starts to crawl at the age of 8 months, many of them even earlier and that is where challenges start to come and baby proofing your home is necessary.  Babies and infants are normally inquisitive and as a parent, you will need to assess your home for lurking dangers. Other than this nowadays, most of the parents are working and children are mostly alone or with a caretaker most of the time which sometimes works as an open invitation for burglars to break in into the house. The thought is scary, but the threat is real.

You might face a few challenges in baby proofing your home but relax, you can do it! With careful planning and little technical help, you can get prepared for any situation. Nowadays, lots of gadgets are available in the market to ensure the security of the child. Below, we are mentioning several smart techniques parents can use to create a safe and secure environment for your baby.

Smart Locks

Nowadays a lot’s of smart locks are available in the market and can be proved as a great tool for baby proofing your home. These can be attached with the doors for added convenience, security, and connectivity. These locks can be controlled via smartphones which can help parents to prevent children from entering hazardous areas such as liquor cabinets, utility closets, toilets, and fireplaces.

These locks can help parents in confirming that home is secure at all times. These smart locks also require a unique access code without which it is impossible for someone to get inside, hence it also helps in restricting burglars from breaking in. In the case of any usual activity or if any restricted area is accessed an immediate notification is sent to the smartphones.

Video Surveillance/ Live Monitoring Services

Live CCTV monitoring can be really helpful in keeping track of your child’s whereabouts. In this scenario, parents can take the live access to the CCTV cameras remotely on their laptops or smartphones. Live monitoring eliminates the need to physically present near the child and enable parents to verify the safety of their child remotely.

Whereas, in most of the cases it is not possible for parents to sit tight at one place and monitor everything. Further, other possibilities might occur like important office meetings or unavailability of internet connection where remote viewing is not possible. In that case, it is suggested to hire any CCTV monitoring service provider who can keep an eye 24/7 on the whereabouts and notifies instantly in case of any suspicious activity.

Baby Monitors and Sensors

This technology is usually beneficial for infants. A baby monitor is basically a radio system placed near the child and used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. So parents can get alerted in case they listen to any unusual sound from the transmitter.

Nowadays, few companies are also offering some wearable like socks and tees with sensors. These sensors sense the movement of the baby and send an instant alert to the smartphone in case these sensors came across any unusual movement.

Additional Tips

Other than the technical aspects mentioned above, few other precautions can be taken into consideration to ensure a safe environment for your child:-

  • Cover electrical outlets to prevent a child from tampering with any electrical switches.
  • Secure windows with window guards, window stops and or safety netting to prevent child from falling
  • Place cords and power strips out of reach. Unplug devices when not in use
  • Move cleaning agents, medicines, hand sanitizer, vitamins, toiletries, mothballs, dishwasher pods, laundry pods, and other potentially toxic items out of reach
  • Attach corner and edge guards with furniture
  • Use knob covers and appliance locks to your kitchen stove to prevent any hazardous activity
  • Take an infant CPR course to tackle any life threatening emergencies.

Don’t forget to mention in comments if you think we have missed anything, or if you have any other suggestions for baby proofing your home.

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