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June 28, 2017
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Better to Hire Professionals for CCTV Monitoring

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As technology has evolved in past two decades, so has the functional capacity and ability of the home security systems. In an era when the crime is increasing at an alarming rate, it is much needed that security systems should also get advanced accordingly. Burglar-proofing the home is no more a daunting task and people nowadays are very much serious about the security of their loved ones and understand that “Prevention is always better than cure”.

Here we are mentioning some of the technological advancements which we have experienced, as home security has improved over the years:-

Security Cameras

Security cameras are easy to install and maintain. These CCTV cameras transfer a video signal to a monitor screen with the help of which it is possible to keep an eye on the surroundings. Other than live monitoring, these video feeds also gets stored in a storage device from where the stored videos can be retrieved back if needed. CCTV Cameras are the most common devices used for security nowadays and also give a message to burglars that you are watching their every move.

Smart Locks for Doors

Several smart locks with rich technical features have come into the market in recent years. These smart locks can be connected and controlled via smartphones. The opening and locking system can be fully managed using smartphone hence eliminating the need to carry the keys. These smart locks also require Unique Access codes hence only authorized user can enter the house.

Burglar Alarms

These Burglar alarms are basically noising devices and are connected to the main control panel through a low voltage narrowband RF signal or simply a wire and make an alerting sound when the connection is made between unit and signal. The most common burglar alarms can sense the opening or closing of a window and door and most of these systems are dedicated to particular purpose only.

Home Automation

This is the most advanced technology when it comes to home security. Under this technology, a user can control most of the devices like lights, fans, windows and even doors remotely using some app. So now you can fell more connected and secured even when sitting outside.

Self CCTV Monitoring

With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to monitor the premises remotely using your smartphone or laptops. All you need is an internet connection and a monitoring device and you can get access to your location with just a tap. But real problem starts here, self CCTV monitoring is not as easy as it sounds and certainly did not provide the peace of mind that you deserve.

Problems with self CCTV Monitoring

  • Self CCTV monitoring relies heavily on the internet. If you think deeply, No internet connection means no remote viewing. Imagine you are on a plane or at a remote location where you are not receiving the signals. What if your phone is off, or you fall asleep? Other than this there can be several other scenarios when you cannot connect and the police or fire department cannot be notified in time.
  • You are not always free to monitor your CCTV. No one is free enough, especially if you are working it is not possible for you to sit tight at one place and monitor your CCTV continuously. Further, now assume you are in a mid of a meeting or an office party do you really think you can monitor in these scenarios.
  • Burglaries are more tend to happen at night. Do you really fell it is possible for any human to work during the day and stay awake in the night for the sake of monitoring? What if you are sleeping peacefully and some accident happens in your office?. Sounds threatening but the risk is real.

Why Professional CCTV Monitoring Services? 

There’s a good reason why professional CCTV Monitoring Services is the gold standard for home security: it works! You want someone to watch your premises 24/7 and send alerts in case of any emergency, it is possible. The monitoring center will immediately attempt to confirm if the threat is real. Unless they can confirm it’s a real threat, they notify the appropriate authorities right away: police, fire, or medical – so you don’t have to. After all, we’re talking about the safety and security of your home and family. Let the professionals do their job.

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