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July 7, 2017
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December 25, 2017

Why Choose Virtual Guard Service Over Security Guards

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There were times, when cities were given beautiful names like “The Pink City”, “The City Of Pearls”, ”The Temple City”, etc. But more recently we have heard of names like “The Rape Capital of India” given to our cities. Such dystopias spark up the frenzies within us. We are these days not safe and secure anywhere, not in our working places, not on public places, definitely not in isolated places and not even in our homes.

Leaving our homes unattended, is a big concern. Even we are scared to leave our elderly parents or kids unattended at home. Though there are many security services that are available at our disposable. But we are largely in affix which one to choose for our maximum protection. Appointing a security guard is a long used security option available to us. But with more enhanced technology, we have better security options that are available to us. CCTV monitoring service is one among them. One of the chief services of CCTV monitoring – Virtual Guard Service, acutely monitors our properties from a virtual location usually a high-tech command center.

But why choose a newbie Virtual Guard who is actually not present there to safeguard our premises like a past master security guard? It is because Virtual Guards are provided with front-line surveillance training and have the assistance of radical software. These virtual guards will tackle interrogative situations and deliver a most appropriate solution to the situation, just as if they are sitting right outside your premises.

But the question is: How a Virtual Guard Service is better than a local Security Guard? The answer is very simple.

  • The Virtual Guards are assisted by high-tech monitoring devices, which are free from any anomalies like slothfulness. A Virtual Guard is not a single guard sitting outside your house, they are a team of guards that monitor the CCTV cameras that monitor your house. Your Security Guard might go off to sleep or might go for a small round, giving intruders a bright chance to accomplish their gruesome task. But these Virtual Guards will never leave your premises unattended and will have a keen eye on it for each and every second.
  • Security Guards usually work for a 10 hour or 12-hour shift. In such cases, you have to appoint two Security Guards for your premises or left your house unsecured for the rest of the time. But the Virtual Security Guards provide CCTV monitoring service 24/7. Hence, protecting your house all the time.
  • The Security Guards these days charge a hefty amount for their security services. Also, they only offer 10 hours or 12 hours work shift, hence making you spend, twice the amount needed to employee two Security Guards to have a 24 hours security services. But Virtual Guards monitor your premises on 24/7 basis. They are also much cheaper than your local Security Guard. And hence they are very light for your pocket.
  • Another advantage of a Virtual Guard is that they have high-tech monitors appointed for their assistance which give them a clear and crisp view of each and every corner of your premises covered by CCTV cameras. Whereas a Live Guard can only guard your premises only from one side, making your premises susceptible to prospective crimes from other sides.
  • We hear of many crimes, where the domestic help or guards are teamed with the offenders. Hence we might be ourselves opening the doors to offenders by appointing a wrong person to guard our premises. In the case of Virtual guards, the guards monitoring your premises are unaware of all your personal details, hence avoiding any such harms.
  • Lastly, in the case of any attack by felons or any other mishap inside your premises, a single guard might not be able to handle the situation wisely, single-handedly. But Virtual Guards are well-equipped with all that is needed to handle the most difficult situations with ease. Your Virtual Guards will reach out to you as a team of well-armed, strong and wise men at the time of any emergency, they will send the desired services like ambulance, police, etc. at your disposal for your full protection. Not only this, these guards will behave like your pre-crime inspectors to protect you from any upcoming dangers.

Now, since you are well aware of all the benefits of this amazing CCTV monitoring service and Virtual Guard Service, the final decision is yours. It’s now your go, to decide on how well you want to protect and secure your family and your property. Take a right decision before it’s too late.

All you need to do is Pick up your phone and contact MyThirdEye at 0120-4114059 and opt for our Virtual Guard Service now. You can also connect with us here

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