About Us

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My Third Eye is not only a business venture, its a collaborative thought of  Ghodu Info team , which is a 6 years old technical company and is a team of innovative and socially responsible people, who have realized the need of intensive security and safety in our society to abolish the defects in the prevailing security system. We have seen that majority of people today have deployed CCTV cameras in their premises for various security purposes, but if we give it a deeper thought, these CCTV cameras do help us in investigation purposes after a crime has taken place. How wonderful it be if we can deploy these cameras for restricting the crime before it could actually take place. These thoughts have given birth to an innovative and bright thinking leading to much more intensive security endeavor -” My Third Eye “.

Strict adherence to the timelines, latest and innovative technology and alert and responsive team are our core strengths. We assure you to intimate you about any mishap in our monitored area, even before it can do any harm to you. So, you lay down and relax and leave all your security worries upon us.

As a CCTV monitoring company our Security & monitoring System is the most radical and all-inclusive solution that is capable of taking care of all your security and monitoring needs. It uses the pioneering technology for remote monitoring and networking. We also take responsibility of intimating you for any health issues in your CCTV system and their faster treatment as these devices are our eyes for our mission to give our society ” A Trust Of Security “.

vision as a cctv monitoring company

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide world-class CCTV monitoring services to all our clients and to become the most trusted brand in CCTV monitoring industry. We wish to make our world a more beautiful place, where everyone can lead a happy and relaxing life, without any tension of any mishap

our mission

Our Mission

Our Mission is to assure all our customers that their security is our top priority and their assets are without a blink being monitored by us so that they can have a sound sleep. We know that the security and safety have become a major issue in our society these days. We anticipate our world be a better place with high-end security and safety for a carefree life.

our beliefs

Our Beliefs

As an innovative CCTV  monitoring company, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. Standing to our beliefs, we have started this venture to provide high-class security of our clients and to warn them of any mishap beforehand. We intimate our clients beforehand so that they can take required actions to stop any casualty.