Code of Conduct

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Since you have agreed and have registered yourself as our channel partners wherein you will be providing consultancy services on behalf of MyThirdEye and will help us advertise and develop the business, there are few set of rules and regulations and code of conduct that we expect you to follow.

  • You are required to generate a bill on the last day of every consecutive month of English Calendar year or as attached Annexure 1 for the services provided.
  • You will offer only the services which is\are promoted or given in the product broacher uploaded on the website or attached as Annexure 2.
  • We expect you not to involve yourself in any kind of false selling, representation, or commitment about our products or services.
  • You have to clearly explain the term and conditions of the product and services before selling them to the client so that no issues are raised by the client thereafter related to the product.
  • You will not do anything to harm the reputation of MyThirdEye.
  • You are required to completely stand by our privacy policy.
  • You have to sign a Non-disclosure agreement with us and have to completely abide by it.
  • You are warned against any exploitation of any confidential information provided to you by MyThirdEye for providing our services to the customers. It stands true for all information that is incorporated in computer software or held on electronic storage media or any analyses, charts, compilation, studies, reports or other documents or materials prepared by the Channel Partner or on its behalf.