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Live Monitoring provides a superior and affordable security services. Unlike security guards, the live monitoring services can view the whole site at once that too without any halt or rest. Live Monitoring can prevent the crime or mishap, before it actually takes place. It is just like a pre-crime reporting department, which curbs out the crimes in the area by acting before it truly takes place.

Virtual Guard is an active video monitoring service for the specified term of contract. These are not watchmen service at your premises, but your premises is being guarded at a virtual place, not visible to you.

You need to sign an agreement of 12 months, with us.

Yes, your services will definitely continue, but a nominal charges will be charged for installation and shifting of services.

Dome cameras are housed inside a dome-shaped covering. These cameras are visible to everyone and are not kept hidden.

We are completely accountable for any mishap that happens in your property that is monitored by us during our surveillance period.  We in such cases pay a penalty of maximum Rs. 1 lakh.

You are being keenly live monitored, by us and you are immediately warned against any uninvited activities.

You can opt for our customized solutions.

Our trained monitoring staff keeps a keen eye on your property via the LIVE video feed in our control rooms 24/7. When intruders set foot on your property we initiate immediate action and intimate you about the unusual act. We also notify the police, Ambulance, Fire or any other concerned department.

In tern key setup we take the charge of complete process. Our experienced and expert team take the complete charge of employing everything at your end from selecting the CCTV cameras, to buying to installation setting up of control room and all inclusive.

Bullet CCTV Cameras are provided a long, cylindrical, and tapered shape that are often used for long distance viewing.

C-mount CCTV cameras have removable lenses, which can be to fit different applications.

The day/night CCTV cameras works well in both normal and poorly-lit environments.

You are required to provide us one Address proof and one Photo ID Proof during the process. You can provide us any of the following along with two passport size photo:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving Licence

We take no more than seven days for activating and connecting the system to My Third Eye, depending upon readiness of the site and no dependencies from Client.

We agree not to disclose any confidential information which is shared by you during the complete process, to any third party, and so we expect from you.

You need to have 24×7 internet connection with minimum upload speed and a100Kbps/Camera is required.

In such cases you need to apply for term key setup.

We will immediately contact you, in case we find something uninvited taking place at your side.

Yes you can take our AMS and in such cases, the maintenance and repair of your hardware parts (CCTV cameras) and networking gadgets, will be done by us.

We take complete responsibility of intimating you of such issues at the instant, we get to know about it.