How We Work

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My Third Eye provides you affordable CCTV monitoring that defends your commercial property, business or home from felons.


To get our services activated, you are required to register yourself with us. While registration, we will guarantee you your complete privacy. While signing a contract with us, you are required to tell us few details like your CCTV Camera details, personal details like your address, internet id and password, internet connection details, etc. For making our services available to you, we will be requiring 24×7 internet connection with minimum upload speed and a100Kbps/Camera is required. You are required to provide us one Address proof and one Photo ID Proof during the process. You can provide us any of the following along with two passport size photo:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving Licence

After signing the contract with you, we analyse your complete installation of CCTV cameras. If we find any scope for improvement or betterment, we suggest you accordingly.

24/7 Monitoring

After we take the access of your CCTV cameras and connect it to our control room through the Internet, we keep a 24/7 watch on your premises. Once we are connected with your cameras, we can clearly watch what is going on in your campus. Our monitoring station is equipped with vast and latest HD monitors to have a clear view of the live happenings. At our remote monitoring station our keen and alert team keeps an eagle eye to all the happenings at your premises 24/7.  Since you are being guarded by us on a continuous basis, your safety is taken foremost importance. Our control rooms are equipped with high-end devices for an uninterrupted surveillance of your premises also our guards are never off-duty, to enable 24/7 monitoring of your premises.

Alerts and Updates

If any unusual activity is detected by our team, an instant alarm is raised by our team at our customers end to warn them against it and take suitable and instant step before it can harm you. We hence safeguard your premises from any strange and illegal activity. We can hence, save you hefty amount of money in possible damages via burglary, illegal losses and fire. We also instantly intimate the concerned department like police, fire, ambulance etc. if required.

We also give our customers, weekly, biweekly and monthly reports, wherein our live guard’s based on their vigilance, gives suggestions on various ways to improve your internal security system, to increase the productivity, cleanliness and on any other pitch which can benefit you.

Instant Coordination

Not only, we will alert you of any forthcoming mishap, but will also alert the corresponding services like Police, Ambulance, Fire department, etc. , to provide you high end security. If we find something serious or urgent has stuck you, we will also coordinate with our QRT services, who will instant reach out to you for your help. So we not only alert you about the danger, but will also provide you the required assistance from the most apt department. For immediate and most apt action, we are well-coordinated with several such services.