Our Services

We at MyThirdEye, are very thoughtful about you. Apart from our regular packages, we brings you a variety of other services, to provide you intensive security services and relaxing lifestyle. You can now also leave other security related worries on us, as we take complete charge from wear and tear of your hardware to raising an alarm when required to sending quick help, when you need it the most. Here are some of our services that are bound to provide you a more secure and safe every day.

Instant Alarm

An instant alarm is an alarm that is deliberated to alert you about emergency situations that are a threat to you or your property. If our virtual guards sitting in the control center, monitors something suspicious at your end, they will immediately raise an instant alarm to intimate you about the prospective danger.

Knowing about the prospective danger on time, will give you sufficient time to take proper actions to defend yourself from it on time.

These alarms trigger an audible (if your CCTV cameras are equipped with sirens)or silent alarm(vis message services) during an emergency to alert you about any forthcoming emergency, so that you can take desired precautions at the correct time. Not only our surveillance team will alert you about the prospective danger, but will also take the desired action to safeguard you from it and will also intimate the concerned service to defend you.

So stop worrying about any forthcoming unsolicited event, because our surveillance team is monitoring you, with a keen eye and will raise an alarm if any mishap is suspected at your end.

Quick Response Team

QRT is a team of trained, enthused, young, apt and have happy to help attitude to tackle tackle emergency situations. These teams are spread all over the city, so that they can easily and quickly reach the affected area. They have a dense network of armed individual allocated in different parts of the city, so that they can ever even the farthest points and reach the emergency at the earliest.

We are partnered with such efficient QRT (Quick response team), which will respond to ill situations in the shortest time. They are like the guards, standing outside your door, ready to help you tackle emergency situations at the earliest. If we find something roguish, in your premises, we alert QRT, who will reach you within few minutes and take proper action. This services can be of a great help, during any emergency situation and can effectively help in evading many unsolicited emergency situation, which can otherwise harm you, your family or your possessions.

Virtual Guard

Our Virtual guards will not be standing outside your door, but will keep a keen surveillance of your premises from a virtual location- our cutting-edge command centre. Virtual guards keep a keen surveillance of the device that monitors your premises from the command centre. These guards are provided with cutting-edge surveillance training and superior software. These virtual guards will tackle interrogative situations and deliver a most apt solution to the situation, just as if they are sitting right outside your premises.

Mythirdeye now offer you a service, where you can dispense a virtual guard to keep your people and your property secure. These virtual guards very wise and alert to handle all emergency situations effectively. They are free from loopholes like naps, fighting cumbersome situations single-handedly, etc. Your virtual guards are well-equipped with all that is needed to handle the most difficult situations with ease. Your virtual guards will reach out to you as a team of well-armed, strong and wise men at the time of any emergency, they will send the desired services like ambulance, police, etc. at your disposal for your full protection. Not only this, these guards will behave like your pre-crime inspectors to protect you from any upcoming dangers.

Health Monitoring and Treatment

Your CCTV cameras and other networking devices are quite a lot susceptible to wear and tear. With our health monitoring and treatment services, we will not only intimate you about the defects in any of your hardware or software gears, but will also send our veteran technicians to bring your device back to proper working condition.

We have PAN India network of 2000+ network engineers / associates to reach at your door on just a call. With our HMT services you can comfortably lay back, leaving all your security worries on us. You will no more be required to search for expert technicians to handle any wear and tear related to the security system that is disposed at your end. We will be entirely responsible for any issues in the security system, both at your end and at our end.