Every customer has his own security requirements and needs. For the convenience and benefit of our customers, we provide Plug and play as well as customised CCTV monitoring solutions. According to your requirement you can pick the best solution that suits you the best.

Plug and Play Solutions

Our Plug and play CCTV monitoring solutions includes the live monitoring of your pre-installed CCTV cameras on a long term basis. We analyse your cameras, and suggest you for any refinements if there are, we then take access of the cameras and connect them with our control room. Your CCTV are here monitored 24/7 with high precision.

These kinds of services are best suited for:

Running a corporate is a very tedious task. You need to keep a keen eye, on each and every part of your office. Even employing CCTVs alone won’t be of any use, until and unless they are keenly monitored. CCTV monitoring in corporates are very helpful, to keep a security check. Corporates are a high stake of crimes, like leaking of important documents, monetary loses, security of the employees and many more. Not only this, many employees take advantage of not being monitored and take their work lightly. This reduces the work productivity of the company. Here we step in to keep an eye on the employees to get a better performance and to safeguard corporates from crimes etc. There have been many cases against female security that are recently witnessed in some high-profile corporates. To protect corporates from all such gruesome acts and for proper functioning of corporates, CCTV live monitoring is highly recommended.

Educational institutes like schools and colleges, are very important places, in every person’s life. These places are supposed to be very secure and free from any unauthorized activities. But with increasing cruelty, these places are eventually becoming quite insecure. People are now scared to send their kids to schools. With increasing crime inside the school premises, it becomes a necessity for schools to avail CCTV monitoring services, so that parents can without any tensions send their kids to schools. The internal fights and pranks in College & Universities are sometimes very damaging, to keep a constant check on any nuisance activity, CCTV monitoring proves to be very helpful. CCTV monitoring can also help during exam times to keep check on cheating and other prohibited activities.

Hospitals and Clinics are very important, and their safety and cleanliness is of top priority. People are very concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness of the hospitals and clinics they visit, to avoid any dearth from the employees, CCTV camera monitoring is very efficient. And of course it also avoids any unscrupulous activity inside the premises. In today’s world medical field is linked with a number of crimes including, body organs theft, use fake medicines and medical equipment, ignorance from the hospital staff are some of such illegal activities. CCTV cameras can be used to stop such cruel activities by such unscrupulous doctors and the hospital staff. We keep a keen check on any such activities and can warn you against, such gruesome acts and can also tell the concerned department.

The safety of the residents and their valuables is the prime responsibility of any RWA, the best way to carry it out is the CCTV monitoring. RWA has to be ready to safeguard its residents from any mishap. There are many security and cleanliness related issues like parking, safeguarding residents from thefts, cleanliness of roads, maintenance of parks etc. employing separate employees for every job can be very costly, hence use our services to monitor every part of your society at a very affordable price. There are still many people who are not keen about keeping our surroundings clean and they throw garbage here and there, with someone watching them through CCTV cameras these people will keep a check on their activities. Kids can safely play in parks, with someone watching over them, you cars are safe in someone’s surveillance too. Your houses can be protected from thefts and other mishaps. So overall, the CCTV monitoring is a guarantee of a carefree living.

Hospitality business demands everything perfect, to attract guests. The cleanliness, maintenance and serene atmosphere are few things guests’ looks for. To maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene and to avoid any laziness from the working staff, CCTV monitoring is the best solution. Also many a times small maintenance works are missed from staff eyes, which are well capture by CCTV monitoring and can be amended instantly. Upkeep of the rooms, the lobby, the reception and other enclosures can be easily done. One of the most risky area in any hotel is its swimming pool site, CCTV monitoring can easily guard the area from any mishaps. Not only this, many a times these hotels are visited by some offensive people, which can harm your premises, your compound need to be guarded from such people.

Retail Shop’s & Chain have a high risk of sneaking and other related thefts. CCTV monitoring gives an easy escape from all such ruthless activities. With retail stores filled with overflowing stuffs, many people make an unsolicited attempt to pick pocket things. This can be reliably taken care by our CCTV monitoring services. Not only this, if you are hiring labor to help you with your chores, you cannot trust him, with blind eyes. You definitely need to keep an eye on such helps. Also, you need to protect your store from rodents such as rats, etc. They can also be the reason for your big losses and many a times are missed out from your eyes. But there are many less chances that these mischievous creatures can escape from the eagle eyes of our alert spies.

Working class people generally are worried about their children who are left at home they are worried about their securities, we keep on watch as their own third eye. They can assure our watching service.

Customized Solutions

There are many occasions when we require security for a time period and not for a long run. Buying all the hardware installing it and then getting it monitored can be a very expensive affair in such cases. We help you in such cases by taking charge of everything and providing you strong security. In such cases we install our own cameras in your premises, which are both managed and monitored by us.

These Solutions are best suited for:

CCTV monitoring solutions can keep a keen check on any ruthless activity from the builders or employees end or even from any intruder. Many employees for their personal benefits use cheap quality material for construction, others steals construction material and sell it to someone less… all these activities can bring huge losses to the builders. Our CCTV monitoring services can very well take care of such unsolicited activities. Also a check can be kept, if workers are carrying out construction work properly. Construction sites, being detached places are also a viable places, for many crimes. Being the property owner, it is your due responsibility to safeguard your premises from such evil acts. Such activities can greatly reduce, if your compound is constantly being watched over. So without taking a minute more, provide intensive security to your premises with the CCTV monitoring services.

In massive public gatherings like events and exhibitions, there are a lot of chances of snatching, pickpocket and other impish activities. CCTV monitoring solutions can keep a good check on all such activities. Also to check out the proper working of all activities, CCTV monitoring solutons can be of great help as it can help monitor various region simultaneously, hence promising perfect functioning of the event. The malfunctioning, in any of the equipment or the in any part of the event, can also be timely caught, saving you from the last minute’s havoc. And above all you need not worry about the CCTVs, their installation, management, etc. we will bring all the equipment, our team will fit them for you and will also monitor them for you, giving you updates on timely basis, and alerting you against any mishap.

Indian wedding and functions involve a lot of glamor and money, criminals find them as attractive occasions to make money. CCTV monitoring solutions can keep a check on such ruthless criminals. Also it can monitor the well-being of your guests and see if everything is managed properly. Now you need not lose all the fun at the wedding worrying about the valuables, leave the worry on us and enjoy the wedding party. We will immediately intimate you of any suspected act, either by an outsider or from labors. Even the shortages, malfunctioning or any such uninvited acts are keenly monitored by our team, who will also intimate you immediately about the same. So stop worrying, and enjoy the wedding, leaving rest of the worries on us.

Many a times our clients have little or no knowledge about the hardware, installation and other related details about the CCTV monitoring. In such cases we take the charge of complete process. Our experienced and expert team take the complete charge of employing everything at your end from selecting the CCTV cameras, to buying to installation setting up of control room and all inclusive. Term Key setups leaves you completely worry free, of any hassle, involved in selecting CCTV cameras, installing them properly and then enabling proper networking.